Backhoe & Excavator Operator Training April 3, 4, 5, 2018!
GPS and ArcGIS Workshops are now available to enroll!
Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Website is now OPEN!
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Oklahoma LTAP Backhoe & Excavator Operator Training.
April 3-5, 2018 in Choctaw, Oklahoma!
Backhoe & Excavator Operator Training
Choctaw, Oklahoma on April 2018!
Oklahoma LTAP Skid-Steer Safety Training Course
This one-day course was held at the Comanche Nation Tribal Complex


Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)
The EDC-4 effort and workshops will help more communities deploy these pedestrian safety improvements based on their specific roadway contexts and needs.
FHWA is promoting the following pedestrian safety countermeasures through the fourth round of Every Day Counts (EDC-4):
•Road Diets can reduce vehicle speeds and the number of lanes pedestrians cross, and they can create space to add new pedestrian facilities.
•Pedestrian hybrid beacons (PHBs) are a beneficial intermediate option between RRFBs and a full pedestrian signal. They provide positive stop control in areas without the high pedestrian traffic volumes that typically warrant signal installation.
•Pedestrian refuge islands allow pedestrians a safe place to stop at the midpoint of the roadway before crossing the remaining distance. This is particularly helpful for older pedestrians or others with limited mobility.
•Raised crosswalks can reduce vehicle speeds.
•Crosswalk visibility enhancements, such as crosswalk lighting and enhanced signing and marking, help drivers detect pedestrians—particularly at night.
The above link is the video that we showed to everyone at the Oklahoma LTAP Motor Grader Operator Training in Choctaw. It may take several minutes to download and view this video if you have slower internet speeds, but it will be worth the wait. This training was a (3) three-day hands-on workshop which covered motor grader safety, maintenance inspections, and basic road maintenance techniques. Students spent time both in the classroom and on a Caterpillar, John Deere, or a Case motor grader practicing what they have learned. Professional instructors representing the equipment manufactures were available in the class and in the field to provide help and suggestions for improving the operator's skills. Watch for the Oklahoma LTAP Backhoe & Excavator Operator Training coming on March 27, 28,& 29, 2018, in Choctaw, Oklahoma.
This is a FHWA Every Day Counts Innovation that will help Oklahomas manage traffic mishaps. As a public safety discipline TIM builds its foundation on effective interagency collaboration, understanding and cooperation. Well-conceived TIM strategies and policies proactively
•Law enforcement (C.L.E.E.T Credit Approved)
•Emergency medical services
•Public works
•Haz-mat disciplines
By working towards an enhanced level of interagency coordination, collaboration and communication all response agencies who engage in Traffic Incident Management activities can leverage their collective resources, using these to advance the National Unified Goal (NUG) for TIM;
•Responder Safety,
•Safe, Quick Clearance,
•Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications
Be a Certified Vehicle Pilot Escort, to escort wide-loads across American. Check out the Department of Public Safety Fee-based training offered by the LTAP Program at the Center for Local Government Technology.The Oklahoma Pilot Escort Certification Program provides specialized training for the certification of operators of pilot escort vehicles. Oklahoma has entered into reciprocal compacts and agreements with Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washinton for the purpose of recognizing escort vehicle operator certifications issued by these states.