LTAP Motor Grader Training
LTAP Wildland Fire Training!
LTAP Plan Reading Roads Scholar Class
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Testing for Soil Properties (Roads Scholar Program - Course 3) - This two-day course covers the tests used to test soils for their engineering properties. Sieve analysis, Atterburg limits, Proctors and nuclear density tests are discussed and practiced by the students in a laboratory. Emphasis is placed on explaining how these tests can be used to improve the quality of county and city roads. The class is free, but you must register to attend!!

This one-day course addresses information that heavy equipment operators should know when called out to assist fire fighters in wildland fire situations. The morning is spent learning the theory behind the use of heavy equipment in fighting fires. Weather permitting, the afternoon is devoted to field training exercises and practices employing the techniques taught in the morning. The class is free, but you must register to attend!

Learn the basics of Concrete! Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from learning the basics of concrete. In this class you will learn about concrete materials, best practices in construction, concrete issues, and repair basics. At the conclusion of this class you will be familiar with the best practices for concrete construction, including: Materials, quality testing, constructions, and repair basics. The class is free, but you must register to attend!

This one-day course on January 22, March 19, May 27, & August 13, 2020 covers the fundamentals of maintaining low volume, rural roads, drainage, road cross sections, culvert installation, soil properties, grading methods, use of Geo-synthetics and chip sealing are all discussed. The class is free, but you must preregister to attend!
This two-day course covers what is required to comply with Part VI of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Temporary Traffic Control. The first day of the class familiarizes students with the theory of how traffic control devices and signs are properly used in temporary traffic control situations including flagging procedures. The second day of the class addresses how to make use of the MUTCD Typical Applications and the development of Traffic Control Plans. The class is free, but you must register to attend!

Be a Certified Vehicle Pilot Escort, to escort wide-loads across American. Check out the Department of Public Safety Fee-based training offered by the LTAP Program at the Center for Local Government Technology. The Oklahoma Pilot Escort Certification Program provides specialized training for the certification of operators of pilot escort vehicles. Oklahoma has entered into reciprocal compacts and agreements with Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washington for the purpose of recognizing escort vehicle operator certifications issued by these states.